Perils of the Night

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Perils of the Night

Post  Malakiel on Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:36 pm

It is said that human race have conquer nature, even more it is said that we as a superior race are the ultimate predator, that we have conquer disease, hunger and even death. We Vampires posses amazing powers and many of us have made the same mistake as human did, believing that because of our power we need no fear of the dark, that we are what threatens humankind at night, how fools can our brothers and sisters can be?
I have wandered by night since six hundred years ago; I have seen the perils of the night and felt how fragile my immortality can be. I live in New York City, the Concrete Jungle as we call it, a land of opportunity as much as land of great danger for us, by night terrible creatures roam longing for our flesh and bones, hungry for power and desire for our secrets, trust me youngling never trust them, even we they seem polite and generous it’s you who is paying at the end with your own life.

Taken from Francisco Domingo de Polonia dairy after his death.
Former Archbishop of New York City

Prince Michael Bright keeps the remnant of the former Sabbat Sect Leader in a frame in his office to remind the Camarilla of two things; first, that the Sabbat is real and we must be prepared for when they decide to knock on our doors, and second, that darker things than even the Sabbat roam the city. Things that could kill us if we ever lowered our guard.

What can you expect to find in NYC? Are there other supernaturals? Am I in danger when I move down the streets?

Of course you are.

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