Gangrel Issue

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Gangrel Issue

Post  Malakiel on Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:32 pm

A few days after Prince Michael took the throne in New York the decade's most important event occurred. He was reunited with Xaviar de Calais, Justicar of the Clan Gangrel. Xaviar came into Michaels office, dressed in black and partly covered with a purple cloak. He demanded that all Kindred within the City be placed under his command to charge a horrible monster who was plaguing Los Angeles. The Justicar said that this beast could be one of the Legendary Antedilivian's rising after its slumber. Prince Michael looked at him and laughed.
“Sabbats myths are for fledglings!” Prince Michael said. “None of these creatures exist, they’re fictional stories created to scare the weak my dear Justicar. I’m sure you must have seen some other thing.”

Justicar de Calais took the cloak off to reveal his left arm, it was torn to shreds. Upon seeing it, every vampire in the room except for Prince Michael was stunned. Xaviar was known as the Iron Mountain, his prowess with Fortitude and Protean were legendary, how could he be damaged so greatly?

“What do you think did this to me Michael?” asked the Justicar. Michael however dismissed the Justicar’s demands. He accused him of being disrespectful and ordered him to retire from his presence. Xaviar left as the Prince wished, but when he left that room, he also left the Camarilla, and took with him his entire Clan, leaving them forsaken and independent from that day on.

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