Blood of the Camarilla

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Blood of the Camarilla

Post  Malakiel on Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:31 pm

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Camarilla Clans

Assamite: After the Alamut was burned down by mysterious forces, most members of Assamite Clan came to the Camarilla looking for a stable place to be. Many Vizirs and Warriors of the Clan pledge to Prince Michael in New York City as powerful allies that he couldn’t reject.

Brujah: traditional members of the Camarilla are now stronger than ever, as Anarchist left Staten Island many of them join forces with Brujah by their bloodline affinity, consolidating a powerful alliance to accomplish mutual objective. Now Brujah is the largest Clan in the city but at the same time the less cohesive, with its inner struggle between many powerful leaders.

Malkavian: the least trusted by Prince Michael, perhaps because he is afraid of what this Seers can discover. Many Malkavians questioned Prince decision about Xavian, also Carter Vanderweyden, actual Malkavian Primogen, one of the candidates for Prince before Michael arrival, made a fierce opposition to Prince Bright during the transition prior to his Coronation.

Nosferatu: if something is happening in NYC they know about it, they hold the largest database of all events that have occurred inside the city. No other Clan have been this long inside New York, Camarilla’s Nosferatu have been present since Ecaterina’s ruling. In present nights Nosferatu have left their home, sewers, looking for abandoned places and solitaire warehouses.

Toreador: right hand to Ventrues ruling, the hold enough economic and political influence to challenge any Clan. As much as Malkavians Toreador had their own candidate for Prince Election, still when Michael took control of the throne they pledge and swore obedience to the new Prince without a fight, ever since they’re his most trusted allies.

Tremere: These mighty blood wizards have a monstrous amount of power; they hold several chapels within NYC, protected by fierce guardians and powerful rituals. Magi are the fence that keeps shape-shifters away from vampire affairs; also wizards have influence and economic power along with debts from almost every Clan in the city.

Ventrue: rightful kings and queens of New York. They hold the Ivory Tower, the best domains as well as the largest amount of resources in political and economical influence. No other clan could rival these blue blooded masters of the city, because of this Prince Michael is still comfortably sitting in the Throne of New York City.


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