Discipline Modifications

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Discipline Modifications

Post  Malakiel on Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:52 am

This is the Legacy of Seth, God of Darkness, destroyer of the Light and Lord of Human Heart most Basic Instincts. As a representation of Sin and Temptation, the Snake has always cautivated the human iconography, from biblical texts to ancient Egyptian myths. Followers of Seth that dwell in the secrets of this art learn how to transform their bodies into serpents to obtain their advantages.

* Eyes of the Snake
With this power the eyes of the cainite transform into two strange mesmerizing orbs of strange hypnotic colours. While this power is active the vampire eyes’ pupile will turn vertical and their iris colour will turn into bright blue, green or yellow.
System: doesn’t require dice rolls or blood expenditure and it last active for one scene. While it’s active the vampire will be able to see in the dark as it had night vision goggles that will allow him to see through darkness easily in a monochromatic vision, nevertheless, lights of any source will be too bright, too painful to contemplate.
Mortals and supernatural beings alike are susceptible to be hypnotized whenever they look into the vampire’s eyes, those mortals that are too far to see them in detail will be attracted to look closer. To resist this effects all beings may roll Willpower to a difficulty of 6 for mortals and 4 for supernatural beings. A creature under the vampire hypnosis won’t be able to do anything but look into the Eyes of the Snake.

** Tongue of the Asp
Serpent’s tongues are very useful to improve their perception, for both combat and Hunt. When the vampire uses this ability it’s tongue stretch and become pointy as a sword and hollow to allow the vampire to drink through it as a normal bite, including the vampire’s kiss.
System: the vampire must expend one blood point to activate this power. It’s tongue will stretch to 18 inches long (45 cm) and it will be able to inflict aggravated damage (Strength, dif: 6). If the vampire manage to harm its victim she will be able to drain blood as it had bite, including the vampire kiss effect.
Additionally as the tongue is very sensitive to vibrations and scents it allows the vampire to smell its surroundings giving him a sharp sense of scent as a snakes have.

*** Skin of the Adder (as in the handbook)

**** Form of the Cobra
This terrific power transforms the vampire into a huge Royal Cobra, Queen or King depending on the character’s gender. The snake itself is enormous and terrible, its maw is big enough to eat a human adult with one bite.
Usually the serpents is as wide as a human adult and have over 30 feet long (10 m) and be able to stand up as tall as the vampire in it’s human form without effort. While in this form the vampire can speak with difficulty and use any discipline she knows (except those that requires hands, of course) its physical power and speed greatly increases.
System: it requires one blood point to activate and three turns for the transformation to occur, each blood point, over the first, expend reduces the transformation by one turn. Cloth and any other piece of gear is not transformed and most probably damaged in the process. The snake skin is thick as it had the Skin of the Addler (Serpentis 3) and the senses from previous levels, also all vampire physical attributes increases by three and all social attributes are drop to one, except for manipulation. The vampire gains a venomous attack expending one additional blood point each time; this poison inflicts as many dice of lethal damage as the Serpent’s Stamina every ten minutes, for one hour or until the victim dies, this poison also affects the unliving as it is in part blood.

***** Heart of Darkness (as in the handbook)

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Re: Discipline Modifications

Post  Malakiel on Tue Jan 17, 2012 1:14 pm

Ravnos specialty, it was inherited from the Fae itself by an ancient pact between their Matriarch Ravana and the Indi dream people. Since that arcane time this Clan of Vampires has mastered the art of illusion, to bring the imaginary to the real world and giving existence to fascinating things that otherwise would be ignored by the unbelievers. However Ravnos have to struggle with the same enemy than Fae, Disbelief itself, the dream killing energy of apathy and conformism that has plagued the entire humanity in modern nights: routine, taboo and all other forms of irrational continuism, that compels the humans to follow the lead of society without even considering their options of “what if I don’t”, is, by definition, the sworn enemy of Ravana’s Childes.

Vampire hybrid nature and the stronghold of immortality pollute their illusions making them both defiled and very resilient to the banality of the world of unbelievers. The break with their own share of Banality and be able to manifest these illusions Ravnos train the strength of will to defeat their own prejudges and those of the world around them, what makes this discipline very exhausting for the amount of concentration required to fulfil this remarkable task.


Average Banality Ratings for Creatures (Changeling: The Dreaming)
Traditional Mages5-7
Malkavians or Ravnos 6
Technocratic Mages8-10

Average Banality Ratings for Places:
Usually equal to the Gauntlet Rating (Werewolf: The Apocalypsis)
Technocratic Lab10
Scientist Lab9
Urban Center8
Most Places7
Rural Zone6
Deep Woods5
Magic place such as a Caerns, Nodes or Haunts4
Powerful magical places3
Most powerful magical places on Earth2

Banality of an area may change depending on the people in it, increasing or decreasing, for example if a Museum if full with average tourists it’s Banality may be lower down to 7 or even 6, as well, a convention of scientists in that same museum might cause its Banality to increase up to 8 or even 9. Banality also changes depending on the perception that a large group of people have of a place, haunted houses and other mysterious places often have Banality ratings that are considerable lower by 1, 2 or even 3 points lower than the expected average depending on the scale of the urban legend.

Ravnos illusions are very resilient to Banality, much more than Fae’s equals, because of that it won’t affect their illusions most of the time as long as they are coherent to the circumstances and expectations of witness. For example taking a knife out of the rain coat it’s perfectly logical while taking out a thermonuclear bazooka is not. All players may resist the effect of an illusion when they have strong reasons that what they’re seeing its not real, that often requires interaction with the illusion and some facts to bring it out unless the illusion it’s too outrageous (a dragon in the Madison square garden for example) each witness with reasons to disbelief may roll his own Banality rating (difficulty equal to 3 + Ravnos’ Chimerstry rating), success indicates that he’s not longer affected by it, still all other witness are as usual. Ravnos illusions are so thick that not even if a person tells that is false would break it for him, so how it have to be proven that is false in order to break. However each time a unbeliever prove that Ravnos doing is false the illusion is damaged, each round the Ravnos may resist the power of disbelief by rolling his own Willpower to achieve at least as many success were rolled by all unbelievers together, this makes extremely difficult for the Ravnos to hold psychedelic scenes in public for a long time.

To Hold Several Illusions
Concentrating in several illusions at once may be hard depending on the vampire’s skills. A Ravnos may hold an illusion without Permanency as long as he pays attention to it, regardless if it’s acoustic, visible or whatever, systematically a character may hold as many illusions as its Wits rating, as long as he can be affected by it (see it if its visible, hear it if its a sound, and so on)

* Sight of the Fae
Fae live in a world that is very different to the one we know their world manifest and interacts with our own creating amazing and sometimes terrible things that roam under the veil of disbelief, invisibles to most humans. In ancient times these creatures of now call fantasy were as real as human were, from bone and flesh: dragons, unicorns, monsters from the lake and so on, were in fact what Ravnos and Fae alike know as Chimera, creatures made of the dreaming material.

Through focusing her will to tremble the same foundations of her reason and prejudges Ravnos can “awake” to the dream reality around her. During this trance the vampire will be able to see the quintessence of dream, to distinct human from fae, to see creatures long time thought lost and myth walking down the street. This allows the vampire to resign to his own Banality as well, being able to freely interact with Chimeras around him and manifest his own dreams and imagination more easily.

System: spend one blood point and one willpower point, then roll Perception + Occultism to a difficulty equal to 4 + Surrounding Banality (or Vampire’s own Banality if it’s higher) – vampire’s willpower rating. Each success will grant the Sight of Fae to the vampire for one round, during that time no Chimerstry power will require further expenditure of willpower points in order to manifest (including this one).
The Sight of Fae allows the Ravnos to see the Chimeric World around him and to interact with it. Still Chimera from that world may also interact with the vampire still under the restrictions of disbelief veil, that means that they can even use magic on him as long as it doesn’t cause any fantastic physical effects with it.
If the Ravnos disbelief at any point this power is automatically dispelled.

** Fata Morgana
The Cainite may now create illusions that appeal to more than one sense, they are static. For example, the vampire could throw a mirage over a dank basement, making it appear to be a sumptuous boudoir, although she could not create flickering candles or a flowing fountain. The Dweomer has no physical presence, although it’s easy to make a filthy mattress on two sawhorses feel like a four-poster bed.
System: the player spends one blood point and one willpower point and roll her character’s Perception + Expression to a difficulty equal to the most representative Banality that affects the illusion, each success allows the Ravnos to affect one sense. The illusion will remain active for as long as the Ravnos concentrates in it.

*** Apparition (Exactly like the handbook’s version)

**** Permanency (Exactly like the handbook’s version)

***** Horrid Reality (Exactly like the handbook’s version)
Except that requires also one blood point expenditure aside from willpower.

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