The Rack (Public Hunting Grounds)

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The Rack (Public Hunting Grounds)

Post  Malakiel on Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:25 pm

The Rack

Many hunting spots are considered 'The Rack" in Manhattan, such as prostitutes and similar services inside the city, New Jersey its also 'The Rack' even as unpredictable and misterious it can be for some vampires. For new commers that just got to New York City, Harpies have two 'spots' where they bring this of the blood.
Vudu Lounge

Dancing and indulgence hits the Upper East Side - minus the attitude. Featuring comfortable plush seating, hi-tech lighting and a bar stocked with just about every top drawer liquor you can think of.
Vudu has answered the prayers of many socially deprived individuals above 17th Street and Yankees like Roger Clemens have been known to drop by for a few libations.
Touch Club

A midtown club has certain caveats: The locale is far away from the city's more popular club rows, and it automatically attracts a tourist crowd thanks to its close proximity to Times Square. But Touch has its perks--like an extra-large dance floor, weekly special DJ sets and band performances, and small aesthetic details like color-changing walls and a Sensacell bar that illuminates when a glass or hand touches the surface. Banquettes upstairs allow for a more distant view of the action downstairs. But thanks to high-end bottle service and go-go dancers, it's anything but dull. Unlike other clubs with more limited space to dance, Touch's expansive dance floor allows revelers to get down and dirty with plenty of room to breathe.

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