Camarilla Vampire´s Domains

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Camarilla Vampire´s Domains

Post  Malakiel on Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:23 pm

With their recent arrival to the city Prince Michael grant them the Benefit of Hospitality, they can roam around the city and feed in all hunting grounds that are not of the other Camarilla Clans, such as The Bronx, most part of Queens and many spots in Brooklyn. This Clan is still adapting to a different system when it comes to income and profit, since they are a part of the Camarilla very expensive assasination contracts are not longer possible.
Haven: The Bronx. Underground Bar named Vicious
Domain: none

Brujah Clan is the point of the spear for Camarilla, this avant garde Clan it's constantly fighting with invading forces of the Sabbat, Independent and many others as their territory its The Bronx which now with Assamite and the recent alliance with Anarchist forces its more under their control than have never been. They major income in this city its Loot for criminal organization and other enemy forces as well as controlling the territory itself.
Haven: The Bronx. Motocyclist Bar named Pincer
Domain: none

Malkavian, Toreador & Ventrue
This three clans share their Domain inside Manhattan island, even as their rivalties grow, specially between Malkavian and Toreador against Ventrue they still hold a political masquerade of politeness and respect. In public this three clans look as a unbreakable brotherhood.
Haven: Manhattan. Many spots
Malkavian clan posses all medical and hospitalary buildings and facilities Domain, its theirs to hunt in this grounds as well as any resources granted by them. This domain was traditionally theirs prior to Prince Michaels arrival, and as fierce as they hold to ti not even him dared to touch it with a feather.
Domain: Health system.
Toreador hold Art Galleries and Museum Domain, these are the main source of resources and hunting ground. Many Toreador come here at night hours to admire the art work and look for humans with similar tastes to invite them to their private Haven or some place quite to feed.
Domain: Art and Museums
They 'only' hold Wallstreet & Banking system within NYC and specially Manhattan. These is their primary resource income as well as their private hunting ground, using the payroll and its surounding as theirs to feed. Many Pubs and other establishment have been set near their territory to facilitate the Hunting.
Domain: Finantial

Traditionally their Domain is inside the sewer system but in recent nights a new enemy have come upon them, forcing the Nosferatu to go out of their usual territory. Currently their territory its split in two, part underground in the sewer system that is still under their control and part in the warehouse zone at Queens, colling with Gangrels 'former' Domain what have begin a silent war in the streets which haven't cost anyblood... yet...
Haven: Queens. Factory compound Marshal Inc.
Domain: Industrial production and laborers Unions

They hold the entire educational system and facilities within New York City, from primary schools to Universities and Libraries in all over the city, still as many institutes are un dangerous places Tremeres focus their effort on the most important icons like New York University where they have their main Chapel.
Haven: Manhattan. Boston University
Domain: Libraries and Educational System

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